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Whats new?

Most recent release:

Released 31st January 2020


  • Virtual proofs
    • Outside Virtual Proofs available for all Case Bound PPC, Spiral, Wiro and Paperback titles
  • File download’s/uploads
    • File uploads process has been completely overhauled, with this new process it allows us to report back with any errors received during the ingestion (coming soon)
    • File downloads have now also been changed. We have been testing this, and it seems to be a smoother process
  • Proofs
    • Proofs are now fully automated. As soon as your files have been approved by our systems, your book will be ready to send to print with full tracking through BookVAULT
  • Title reporting
    • Title reports are now working and show relevant information. They show title activity over the past 12 months of both Wholesale and BookVAULT orders
  • Wholesale
    • We’ve fixed a bug where wholesale information was not saving
  • Nielsen
    • A loading animation now shows when collecting title information from Nielsen. This is just to show it is still attempting to collect data, as we have found in peak times, their service can be a little slow.
  • Validation
    • Reviewed Min/Max sizes with our production team and made a few changes. If any sizes are unavailable, please contact a member of customer services.


  • Editing an order
    • Orders can now be edited up to certain points in production.
    • Before an order is batched and sent to our printers, you are able to update the books and quantity within an order
    • Before an order is printed, you can edit the address and dispatch service of an order
  • Order Validation
    • Better address validation has been put in place, with limits for the lengths of certain fields (as specified by our couriers). Postcodes are also mandatory for certain countries.
    • Error messages are more relevant. Before, it defaulted to ‘Not enough credit’, now they are much more relevant.
    • Dispatch updates are now fixed, with more update options coming soon
  • Shipping
    • Removed airmail added a new overseas supplier (P2P) they offer both a untracked and tracked service overseas, working with local mailing partners to deliver in the best way suited to the country.


  • Roles
    • You can now have multiple users for your BookVAULT account.
    • Each user can be assigned a role, which restricts their usage of the system
    • Custom roles can be made with more specific abilities:
    • Admin – Ability to add/edit users, edit common addresses and other future administrative tasks
    • Finance – The ability to see financial information as well as top up your BookVAULT account (pre-pay)
    • View orders – the ability to view existing orders
    • Edit/place orders – Edit/place orders
    • View titles – View base library
    • Edit/add title – Aability to create/edit title information
    • Reporting – See BookVAULT and BookGLOBAL reporting
    • User accounts can easily be managed, with the ability to disable/delete users at the click of a button

Learning Zone

  • Layout
    • New layout for BookVAULT tutorials, splitting them into catagories so they're easier to find
  • Content
    • New draft videos explaining the key functions of the new BookVAULT


  • Login Page
    • New company branded login page, keeping you up to date with the key new features of BookVAULT
    • Fixed an issue in which safari placed the credential box away from the password box
    • Reset password
    • The ability to change your BookVAULT password has been added. This will send an email to you with instructions on how to proceed.


  • Exports
    • Fix for wholesale reporting export error

Old versions:

Released 25th October 2019

Sizing Calculator

  • This is our new & improved spine calculator, which now also calculates the size of the cover for you, if you input enough data.
  • You’re able to access this on the dashboard with a new quick access button on the bottom right, or the left nav bar ‘Sizing Calculator’


  • Brand new Order Confirmation Page.
  • Tweaks/bug fixes for order validation
  • Ability to save a new address when placing an order
  • Added volume discount pricing to summaries when placing orders, so you have complete transparency


  • Fixed scaling issues on certain controls/views when viewing/replacing files
  • Unified all spine sizes across our systems to help with cover design and new sizing calculator
  • Adding replacement of viewing of FoilBlocking and jacket files
  • Hover to see why price isn’t being generated when adding a new title
  • Fix for requiring Author Name for price calculation


  • Added a wholesale report grouped by ISBN


  • We have now based all ‘info cards’ around just your logged in account, rather than some being the whole of BV stats.
  • Changed wording of cards to be based around user
  • Adding Current balance to financial page for pre pay customers (revisit later to add more detail to reporting)

Released 18th October 2019


  • Added more validation when adding titles/quantities to an order
  • You can now search by author name and title in the main order search
  • Investigation work into blank addresses for orders


  • File management process optimisation


  • You can now view your customer address pool and remove any redundant ones/add new ones
  • We have now finalised the payments process for Pre-Pay customers

Released 11th October 2019


  • ‘Order dates’ have now been updated to something more suitable and easier to understand
  • The notification button has been fixed the toggling issue with when placing a new order
  • Fixed title predictive drop down when adding them to the order


  • Replacing files should now be stable and reliable, as well as downloading should be more responsive
  • Added pop-ups when files have been replaced & uploaded, to hopefully makes things clearer


  • WHOLESALE Reporting is now live!!! There still might be some slight data discrepancy if comparing to old BV, we are still in the process of validating all of the data.

Released 16th September 2019


  • You can now filter the view on the main orders page, by selecting the checkbox ‘Show Dates’, this will get rid of the progress bars and replace them with a DATE & TIME stamp
  • The individual order view has now changed, when you click on an order, it will display all of the titles within the orders, as well as having the columns reformatted to the right, we have also added ‘Addressee’ and ‘Delivery Est’ to the list.
  • Under ‘Order Cost’ we have added the ‘print & dispatch’ costs to the main order view.


  • We have simplified some validation on ‘add new title’ if you try to proceed, it will now tell you what you need to fill out before continuing to the next step by highlighting each mandatory field in red.
  • Added author name to the main title spec page
  • You can now search by ‘Author’ in library
  • We have now integrated with Nielsens which allows you to get your title data on the fly with a push of a button! Type in your ISBN then click the ‘COLLECT TITLE DATA’ button
  • For clarity, the autofill will not do:
    • Page count (Nielsens cannot distinguish if the title is mono or colour, so you will have to fill your page count out manually)
    • Binding if it’s not a Paperback
    • Lamination
    • Stocks

BookVAULT Login Has Moved

The BookVAULT login page has now moved. It can now be found on the following page...